Prevent CO poisoning.
Smartwares protects you.

Carbon Monoxide is lethal. You can not smell, see or hear the gas and before you realize it, it might even be deadly. That is why a CO detector can truly save lives.

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Onze Smartreminder service

Did you know that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors needs to get cleaned every now and then so that they keep working smoothly? And did you know smoke or carbon monoxid detectors have a product lifespan of maximum 10 years?  Subscribe yourself for our Smartreminder service and receive reminders in your mailbox. You can subscribe for: testing your detectors every month, cleaning your detectors every 6 months and replace them every 10 years.

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Optical smoke detectors

Comply with the highest European quality requirements.

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Control your (smart) lighting with your smartphone!

The Smartwares SH8-90604 wall switch converter takes care.

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Wall Switch Converter

Create your own smart home with the BASIC series

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