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<p>The Smartwares NV42 Emergency Light allows you to always spot the exit if a fire occurs. The light with direction stickers is equipped with 10 LED lights. This way the light is always visible, even in spaces filled with smoke.</p><p><b>Help to prevent serious accidents</b><br>It can be difficult to see where the exit is when a fire occurs and the room starts filling with smoke. That is why an emergency light can help to prevent panic and serious accidents, because it clearly indicates the nearest escape route. The emergency light is equipped with 10 LED lights with a total of 4 Watt. You can place the included universal exit signs stickers on the emergency light to indicate the corrcet escape route direction. </p><p><b>Power failure proof</b><br>The emergency light will stay illuminated even if a power failure occurs, thanks to the backup battery with a 3 hour lifetime. This way the light shines long enough for people to leave the building in an emergency.</p><p><b>Placement and testing</b><br>It is important that the emergency lighting is visible from all corners of the room. Ensure plants, curtains, closets or other objects do not block the sight when installing the light. Emergency lighting can help to save lives in life threatening situations, that is why it is important to test the light at least once a year. Test if the light is visible from all corners and if the battery turns on when the power turns off.</p><p><b>What’s in the box?</b><br>Emergency light, direction stickers, instruction manual, mounting kit </p><p><b>Features:</b><ul><li>Make sure you can find the exit if a fire occurs by using an emergency light</li><li>The light is equipped with 10 LED lights with a total of 4 Watt</li><li>Easy to mount with the mounting kit</li><li>Includes direction stickers to indicate the correct exit</li><li>Equipped with a backup battery that makes sure the light stays illuminated if a power outage occurs</li></ul>
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