A smoke detector ensures that you receive an early warning in the event of a fire.
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Smartwares SH8-99103 Conjunto Detetor de Fumo SH8-90103
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    Smoke detectors

    A smoke detector ensures that you receive an early warning in the event of a fire. A smoke detector is a sensor that recognizes fire and smoke. When it does, the 85 dB alarm makes sure that everybody knows about the fire. This helps to prevent life-threatening situations. Smartwares smoke detectors have a long service life and run on a disposable battery, which lasts for at least one year.

    Our product range includes various smoke detectors. For example, there are smoke detectors that last for one, five and even ten years. Always check the date on the smoke detector, so that you certain that the smoke detector works correctly. If the battery is almost empty, the smoke detector warns you by emitting a beep. If it is an uninterrupted beep, the batteries must be replaced.

    The Smartwares smoke detectors all have an optical sensor. An optical sensor quickly reacts to a smouldering fire, gives fewer false alarms and is environmentally-friendly. The smoke detectors also have a pause setting, which is used, for example, in the event of a false alarm.

    Installation and maintenance of a smoke detector

    To be sure that you are warned in time in the event of a fire, we recommend that you have at least one smoke detector on each storey. We also recommend that you have a smoke detector in every corridor and on the stairway. Smoke rises and it is, therefore, important to always fit a smoke detector on the ceiling. This is easily done with the attachment plate and a couple of screws. The Smartwares smoke detectors are wireless, so that they can easily be installed anywhere in your home. Thanks to the safety pin, the smoke detector can only be installed if it already contains a battery.

    It is recommended to regularly test and clean the smoke detector. It can easily be tested by briefly pressing the test button. It can also easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and by going over it with a vacuum cleaner once every six months. Never use cleaning products and never paint over a smoke detector.

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