If you appreciate good, clear sound, choose a high fidelity audio system, also called a hi-fi stereo system. A good sound system produces a sound that can be clearly heard in other rooms in your home. Play CDs or use the USB connection to connect your MP3 player.
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Audiosonic HF-1260 Aparelhagem Stereo
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Audiosonic HF-1251 Micro Hi-Fi
Nº Produto HF-1251
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    Hi-fi sets

    A high fidelity audio system, or a hi-fi stereo system, is ideal if you value good and clear sound. Audiosonic has various hi-fi sets that you can place anywhere in your house due to the compact size. When playing music you often notice that the sound quality deteriorates as the volume is turned up. With a hi-fi set you don't have to be afraid of that, because the quality remains excellent. The hi-fi set is not only suitable for playing music, but also has an alarm clock function. That way you will never have to sleep again. You will find your perfect stereo system at Audiosonic..

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