Do you want to keep professional and direct contact over a distance of a couple of kilometres? Find the Topcom walkie-talkies of your interest!
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Topcom RC-6430 Walkie Talkie - Twintalker 500
Nº Produto RC-6430
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Topcom RC-6410 Walkie Talkie - Twintalker 1304
Nº Produto RC-6410
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Topcom RC-6405 Walkie Talkie - Twintalker 9500 Long Range
Nº Produto RC-6405
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Topcom RC-6404 Walkie Talkie - Twintalker 9100 Long Range
Nº Produto RC-6404
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    It is possible to keep in contact over a distance of a couple of kilometres with a professional walkie-talkie. You can keep in contact over a distance of up to 10 km, which makes a walkie-talkie very handy during certain sports, such as skiing and airsoft. All the models have a number of channels and subchannels and the reception is clear and without any interference. Handy belt clips, noise suppressors and earphones ensure that there is something for everybody.

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