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Smartwares SH8-99608CC
Nº Produto SH8-99608CC
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Smartwares SH8-99601UK Conjunto de lâmpadas inteligentes
Nº Produto SH8-99601UK
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Smartwares SH8-99600UK Conjunto de lâmpadas inteligentes
Nº Produto SH8-99600UK
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Smartwares SH8-99401UK Conjunto de alarme de segurança
Nº Produto SH8-99401UK
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Smartwares SH8-99401 Conjunto de alarme de segurança
Nº Produto SH8-99401
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Smartwares SH8-92603 2x LED reflector GU10 Branco HW1603
Nº Produto SH8-92603
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Smartwares SH8-92602 2x LED Vela E14 Branco HW1602
Nº Produto SH8-92602
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Smartwares SH8-92601 Lâmpada 2x LED A65 B22 Branco + Côr
Nº Produto SH8-92601
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Smartwares SH8-92600 2x Lâmpada LED A60 B22 Branca
Nº Produto SH8-92600
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    Classe Energética


    Tipo de casquilho

    Ligação wireless

    Funciona com sistema de controlo de voz

    Connected bulbs: Smart lighting

    Lighting creates an atmosphere and with smart lights, you can control this atmosphere. Operate the lighting in your home with your smartphone and react to the mood by dimming lights or changing their colour. Relax with blue lighting, switch from bright work lighting to soft reading lighting or use colourful lighting for a party. The smart lighting is part of the PRO SERIES product range, which transforms your home into a smart home. The smart lights are available in white or in a colour and in different shapes and fittings.

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