An Internet Protocol camera, or IP security camera, is a camera that can be connected to a network.
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Smartwares 10.048.54 Videocamera IP da esterni
Articolo nr. 10.048.54
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Smartwares 10.049.10 Telecamera da interni IP 360°
Articolo nr. 10.049.10
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Smartwares 10.049.11 Telecamera IP per interni 180°
Articolo nr. 10.049.11
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Smartwares CIP-37350 Telecamera Privacy
Articolo nr. CIP-37350
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Smartwares CIP-37553 Videocamera IP per interni
Articolo nr. CIP-37553
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Smartwares CIP-39220 Telecamera da esterni IP 180°
Articolo nr. CIP-39220
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Smartwares CIP-39311 Videocamera IP per esterni
Articolo nr. CIP-39311
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Smartwares CIP-39330 Telecamera Homewizard IP da esterni
Articolo nr. CIP-39330
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Smartwares CIP-39901 Guardian Telecamera di sicurezza e illuminazione
Articolo nr. CIP-39901
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Smartwares 10.100.42 Videocamera IP da interno
Articolo nr. 10.100.42
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Smartwares CIP-37210 Telecamera da interni Wi-Fi
Articolo nr. CIP-37210
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Smartwares CIP-39940 Telecamera IP da esterni
Articolo nr. CIP-39940
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    IP cameras

    An Internet Protocol camera, or IP security camera, is a camera that can be connected to a network. IP cameras use the network to save and to send video images, which you can then watch on your smartphone or computer. You connect an IP camera to a WiFi network or a wired network. That way, you can view the images at any time, regardless of where you are. With an IP camera, you can monitor a number of different areas in and around your home or place of work.

    The Internet protocol cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are easy to install. We offer various types of IP camera. There are cameras that can rotate through 180⁰ and even 360⁰. No more excuse for blind spots. We also have cameras that have night vision, so that you can record clear images during the day and night. Thanks to the excellent image quality (HD), the images are always pin sharp, wherever you watch them. With the Smartwares IP cameras, you always feel safe!

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