Dashcams and action cams (also called dashboard cameras and action cameras) are easy to use in a car or when travelling.
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Smartwares 10.001.41 Dashcam DVRCAR25
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Smartwares CWR-39002 Action camera
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Smartwares CWR-37701 Dashcam full HD CWR-37701
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    Camera accessories

    Besides complete security camera systems, Smartwares also sells accessories for your current security camera or your security camera system to add extra functionality. That way, you can put together your own security camera system. As you can see, the Smartwares camera systems offer plenty of options.

    A wide choice of camera accessories

    We offer a wide choice of camera accessories. We have motion detectors, magnetic contacts, smoke detectors, a siren and a remote control. You can also decide to add a couple of extra cameras to your system, so that you can hang them up throughout your house. Furthermore, our security camera systems can be extended with extra wireless or wired alarms for use both inside and outside the home.

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