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With the Smartwares camera apps you have the possibility to monitor your home and possessions anytime and anywhere. View below which camera apps are available and choose the app that is made for your camera. If you have questions about an application, please contact us.

Homewizard Cameras

The HomeWizard cameras app was made to safely and effortlessly monitor your home and navigate through recordings. Monitor multiple cameras from a single app in real time. With motion detection zones you can specifically record the events that matter to you.

Use together with...

C723IP IP camera indoor

C724IP IP camera indoor

C923IP IP camera outdoor

C924IP IP camera outdoor

Wi-Fi camera indoor

Smartwares SW360

Monitor your belongings with cameras on SW360 app. See live view and recordings directly on your smartphone with this user-friendly SW360 app. The app supports digital pan/tilt function from the panoramic cameras.

Smartwares CIP-39220 Outdoor IP Camera 180° view angle - 1080P Full HDUse together with...

CIP-37183 IP Camera

CIP-37363 IP Camera

CIP-39220 Outdoor IP Camera

Smartwares CIP-37550 IP camera indoor

CIP-37550 Indoor IP Camera

Smartwares View

Protect your home and belongings and prevent anything from happening with our cameras and video doorbells Guard yourself and monitor all in only one app called Smartwares View. The Smartwares View app is your own personal bodyguard and notifies you in case of unwanted visitors, unforeseen movement or trespassers in your personal domain. See, monitor and record.

Use together with...

CIP-39901 Security camera & light

CIP-39940 Outdoor Pan/Tilt IP-camera

C995IP Ip-camera outdoor

C794IP IP-camera indoor

DIC-23112 Wi-Fi doorbell Wired

DIC-23216 Wi-Fi rechargeable video doorbell

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Our inhouse quality department checks all our products on all required safety measures and ensures our high quality. Our products therefore comply with all European legislation and have the needed quality marks. We use European servers to store the data. All to make sure our products are safe to use and all functionalities work. We want the products you bring in your home to be of outstanding quality.

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