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At Smartwares you will always find a surveillance camera that suits your home. Smartwares has an extensive assortment in the field of surveillance cameras. A camera system helps you keep a close eye on your property and deter any burglars.
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Surveillance cameras

At Smartwares you will find an extensive product range in the field of security cameras. A camera system helps you to keep a close eye on your possessions and to deter any burglars. Surveillance cameras give 24/7 visibility of your properties, stores, homes, gardens and other valuable assets. One thing is for sure: surveillance cameras always keep an eye on you and provide extra security for you and your belongings.

Choice of various camera systems

Smartwares has a suitable solution for every request. A single surveillance camera to be placed inside or outside or a complete security camera system with multiple cameras and monitors. All systems are easy to install yourself and can be used immediately. A number of surveillance cameras can be controlled remotely or have motion detection. In addition, you can choose between wireless security cameras and security cameras with wire. There are also dummy cameras. These 'fake cameras' cannot be distinguished from the real ones and have a strong preventive effect. Finally, Smartwares has a wide choice of IP cameras.

Our surveillance cameras are quick and easy to install. The surveillance cameras can be used for any situation and can record and store images easily. The display and recording of the images depends on the chosen camera system. The black and white or color images can be viewed through the television, computer or the included screen. Images are easily recorded via a hard disk recorder (DVR), an SD card recorder or even via your own computer.

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