Looking for handy and easy-to-use products that make your house smarter and more comfortable? Find the smarthome Plug & Connect series products that suit your needs!
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Smartwares SH4-99552 Switch set
Item No. SH4-99552
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Smartwares SH4-99553 Indoor mini switch set
Item No. SH4-99553
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Smartwares 10.043.79 Smart plug SH5-GW-T
Item No. 10.043.79
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Smartwares 10.043.95 Door/window switch set SH5-SET-KHC
Item No. 10.043.95
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    Smart home Plug & Connect 

    Turn your house into a modern, smart home. Operate appliances in your home with a remote control or your smartphone. The advantage of our Plug & Connect  smart home line is that smart living does not have to be expensive. Turn your lights on or off, or dim them, change the temperature of your heating without touching the thermostat and fit extra light switches on a wall without having to drill any holes. This is only a small selection of the possibilities offered by the Plug & Connect  smart home line. Plug & Connect solutions can be used individually or they can be linked to each other, and you can control them via your smartphone.