Looking for decorative lighting for in your house? Find the decorative lights hat suit your needs!
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Smartwares PD-8795AT LED triospot rectangle
Item No. PD-8795AT
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Smartwares PD-8794AT LED triospot round
Item No. PD-8794AT
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Smartwares ISL-60025KL LED grow light
Item No. ISL-60025KL
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Smartwares ISL-60025 LED grow light
Item No. ISL-60025
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Smartwares IOL-003-BW LED light box A3
Item No. IOL-003-BW
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Smartwares IDE-60048 Ceiling light
Item No. IDE-60048
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    Decorative lighting

    Give your home attractive decorative lighting. The decorative lighting category is very diverse. It includes a retro neon lamp in the shape of a flamingo and one in the shape of a cactus. Do you prefer inspirational quotes, then go for one of the letter lightboxes, which allows you to display a different inspirational message every day. Or choose a modern, concrete table lamp or a trendy wire light that is battery powered. If you want to give your most cherished memories a special place in your home, the photograph frame is ideal for you.

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