Be in control of your home with our smart home solutions, wherever you are. Easily automate your home with the Plug & Connect series and make your current devices smart. Choose our PRO series for the latest products and control them from one app with your smartphone.

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Smart home

With our smart home solutions you can easily control your home. Various devices are suitable for automation. With the Plug & Connect  series, all you need is a sender (for example a remote control, magnetic contact or motion sensor) and a receiver that controls your lights and devices. This simple sender/receiver technology ensures that you can control your indoor- and outdoor lighting, heating, curtains and many other elektronic devices remotely. If you choose the PRO series your devices are already smart. Download the app and create your entire smart home by adding all your devices in the app and fuly automate your home.

How does smart home function?

Automating your home with Smartwares smart home soluations is very easy. Do you choose for the Plug & Connect  series to make your current devices smart? Buy the Smart Wi-Fi Plug! Plug in the smart plug, install the free HomeWizard Lite app and connect every Plug & Connect  receiver you want to automate them. Set up several tasks to make your home smart: - Automatically switching on- and off your lights and devices - Dim your lights - Control your blinds and curtains - Control your heating - and various other options.

Do you choose for the PRO series? Than your devices are already smart. The only thing you need to create your own smart home is our gateway: "The Link". Download the free HomeWizard Link app en add all your devices to fully automate your home. You have endless possibilities with the PRO series and you can controll all your devices from one app. Receive notifications of your smoke detector, alarm system or camera or control your lights and other devices from the app.

100% safe

Nowadays it is very important to be careful with wireless connections in order to ward off hackers and prevent data leaks. Smartwares uses secured servers under the European legislation on a European server. Thereby, Smartwares ensures your data is very well protected. We control and update accompanying iOS and Android apps.

Do you choose Plug & Connect- or PRO series? Discover all the possibilites of our smart home solutions!

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