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For years, Smartwares has been an expert in developing and delivering safety, security, home automation and lighting products. Our aim is to create products to make life in and around your home more pleasant, safe, secure and comfortable. With a broad range in security and safety, fire protection, home automation and lighting, Smartwares provides many accessible products that are affordable and easy-to-use for everyone. We pride ourselves to be innovative, solution-oriented and always thinking about the ‘smarter way of life'.

We do not just think about the smarter way of life for our consumers, but we also develop smart solutions together with our business partners. We provide scale opportunities, custom tooling and production, instore (shelving and display) and online marketing, e-commerce and even efficient logistic solutions for all of our resellers, anywhere in the world.

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Don't you have a business account yet and would you like to have access to our B2B webshop? Please fill out our customer form and we will prepare your account within 2 working days. 

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Become a Smartwares Merchant

You can become a merchant of Smartwares and start selling our products easier than ever. If you become a merchant you will get an online business account for the Smartwares Group webshop in which you can find our whole Smartwares assortment and take advantage of exclusive promotions. Furthermore, you will be able to buy products of our other carried brands in the webshop. Curious about our other brands and stories? Visit our corporate website to see which other brands we offer.

  • Consult our prices and stock of our assortment 24/7
  • Add list of item numbers in 1 click to the shopping basket
  • Take advantage of exclusive price promotions in our webshop
  • Quick access to our latest innovations
  • Order directly and wihtin seconds from our whole Smartwares assortment

Did you know that Smartwares is part of the Smartwares Group?

Smartwares Group is a global player with several brands in the field of security, lighting and small domestic appliances. Smartwares Group provides comfort and safety in and out of home by offering a broad assortment of products at affordable prices. Furthermore, Smartwares Group has an inhouse research & development team that is able to create smart products that come with an app.

By controlling each step in the process from product selection to customer service, we make sure that we deliver what we promise. In addition, we are continuously seeking for new smart solutions to make daily life more safe, comfortable and fun.

Smartwares Group products come with clear packages and user manuals. All of our products have been extensively tested and meet the requirements of several important European inspection authorities like KEMA, GS and EMC/CE.

If you want more information about the Smartwares Group, please visit our corporate website. Are you looking for imagery in high resolution? On Icecat you can download this for all of our products.

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