Smart home Plug & Connect 

Keep up with the times and create your own 'connected home'. Do you already have receivers from the Plug & Connect range? Turn your existing devices into connected devices in no time by simply plugging in the Smartwares connected plug and linking it to all your devices. Just plug in the Smart Wi-Fi plug, download the free HomeWizard Lite app and connect all your Plug & Connect receivers to control them with the app. Prefer not to rely solely on your smartphone? It is also possible to operate your devices with a remote control.
  • Turn your home into a connected house
  • Control all your connected devices from one application
  • Set schedules, timers and preferences
  • Works with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant

SH5-GW-T Smart Plug

Discover the benefits of the Wi-Fi connected socket!

Connected living doesn't have to be expensive. Automate your home with the Plug & Connect range and easily turn your existing appliances into connected devices with the Smartwares Wi-Fi connected socket. Turn your lights on and off, dim your lights, adjust the temperature of your heating without touching it or simply install additional wall switches without drilling into the walls? It's all possible with the Plug & Connect range. Discover the endless possibilities for your connected home!

How does it work?

1. Download the application

Download and install the free HomeWizard Lite application. Easily add your Plug & Connect receivers by selecting them in the application.

2. Connect your device

Activate the "association" mode of the product and follow the different steps in the application.

3. Ready to go!

As soon as the Plug & Connect receiver is connected, it appears in the application. You can then install your personal features.

Smartwares SH4-99550 LED bulb switch set

Simplify your life with home automation

The creation of a "connected home" is achieved with the help of a home automation system. Automating your home with Smartwares home automation solutions is very easy with the Plug & Connect range from the same brand. Do you already own a Plug & Connect receiver? Then all you need is the Smartwares Wi-Fi connected plug and the HomeWizard Lite application. Plug in the Wi-Fi connected socket, download the app and link as many Plug & Connect receivers as you like. Turn your existing devices into connected devices and control them easily from one convenient app. Our Plug & Connect products for a connected home make your life easier, providing you with extra enjoyment, security and comfort.

Wireless connection via 433 MHz

The products in the Plug & Connect range use the 433 MHz radio frequency. This frequency allows different devices to communicate with each other over short distances. Digital signals are transmitted and received via the 433 MHz frequency. This ensures a simple, stable and wireless solution for controlling and automating your lighting and appliances.

Smartwares SH5-GW-T Smart plug
Smartwares SH5-SET-GW Smart plug set

The possibilities of wireless switching

You can equip your connected home according to your own needs and desires by combining different connected products from the Plug & Connect range. Automate your lighting, so you can turn your lights on or off or control your curtains or blinds remotely with this wireless system. Add the Wi-Fi connected plug and switch on your heating, even before you get home, directly from the HomeWizard Lite app or turn on your outdoor lights when it starts to get dark. Discover the endless possibilities of wireless switching.

Indoor and outdoor use

The Plug & Connect range is not only suitable for indoor use, it is also very useful for lighting your garden and other outdoor devices. Connect your Plug & Connect receivers, which are suitable for outdoor use, to the Wi-Fi connected socket via the app. You can then control your outdoor lighting or pond pump with a single touch, while still sitting comfortably on your sofa.

Smartwares SH4-99651 Outdoor mini switch set
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