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Please find below our products which we do not sell anymore. You can still find them on our website to buy spare parts, find manuals or consult product information.
XQlite LSO-04021 LED bulb STARRY globe E27 1,5W color
Item No. LSO-04021
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XQlite LSO-04031 LED bulb STARRY heartshaped E27 1,5W
Item No. LSO-04031
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XQlite LSO-04081 LED bulb 3D ST64 E27 3,5W
Item No. LSO-04081
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XQlite LSO-04091 LED bulb 3D globe E27 3,5W
Item No. LSO-04091
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XQlite 10.087.89 5PACK LED REFLECTOR GU10 3W XQ14081/5
Item No. 10.087.89
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XQlite 10.087.04 XQ13117 LED A55 E27 5W WW XQ13117
Item No. 10.087.04
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XQlite 10.050.51 XQ0951 ECO HALOGEN LAMP PLUG-IN XQ0951
Item No. 10.050.51
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XQlite 10.056.15 XQ13174 LED PAR16 GU10 4W WW XQ13174
Item No. 10.056.15
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XQlite 10.086.90 XQ13105.1 LED GLOBAL E27 3W WW XQ13105
Item No. 10.086.90
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XQlite LSO-04101 LED bulb 3D globe E27 3,5W
Item No. LSO-04101
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    Good, atmospheric light starts with the light source: the bulb. Do you want a halogen bulb or a sustainable LED? Or do you prefer a design lamp with a vintage look and a warm-coloured light? And if you have still not made up your mind, there are also lamps in the shape of a heart or a star, with a 3D effect or a star effect. Allow your creativity to run wild and combine the lamps in your home with one of the many options.

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