Looking for a portable telephone that you want to use for your home? Find the Topcom cordless telephones of your interest!
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Topcom TE-5730 Cordless DECT-phone - Black
Item No. TE-5730
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Topcom TE-5731 Cordless DECT-phone - White
Item No. TE-5731
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Topcom TE-5732 Cordless DECT-phone - Twin Black
Item No. TE-5732
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    Cordless telephones

    It is essential that you can always be contacted when at home. With the DECT home telephones, you never miss an important telephone call. The models have a clearly lit screen, emit little radiation, are energy efficient, are GAP compatible and can be expanded with additional handsets. Although all this seems complicated, it is quite the opposite. The telephones are very easy to use.

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