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Smartwares IWL-60016 LED Bathroom Light
Item No. IWL-60016
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Smartwares IWL-60010 Make-up mirror light
Item No. IWL-60010
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Smartwares IWL-60008 LED mirror light
Item No. IWL-60008
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Smartwares IWL-60006 LED bathroom light
Item No. IWL-60006
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Ranex 10.060.18 Bathroom light 3000.067
Item No. 10.060.18
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Smartwares 10.056.14 Bathroom light 3000.035
Item No. 10.056.14
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Old assortment

Please find below our products which we do not sell anymore. You can still find them on our website to buy spare parts, find manuals or consult product information.
Smartwares IWL-60012 LED vanity light
Item No. IWL-60012
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Smartwares IWL-60005 Bathroom Light
Item No. IWL-60005
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Ranex 10.060.30 Bathroom light LED 3000.087
Item No. 10.060.30
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Ranex 10.060.29 Bathroom light LED 3000.081
Item No. 10.060.29
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Ranex 10.060.27 3000.075 Led Mirror Light 3000.075
Item No. 10.060.27
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Ranex 10.060.17 Bathroom light 3000.066
Item No. 10.060.17
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Ranex 10.059.98 Bathroom light 3000.044
Item No. 10.059.98
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Smartwares IWL-60014 LED Bathroom Light
Item No. IWL-60014
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Ranex 10.056.71 Bathroom light 3000.054
Item No. 10.056.71
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Ranex 10.056.34 Bathroom Light 3000.045
Item No. 10.056.34
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Ranex 10.056.10 Bathroom Light 3000.031
Item No. 10.056.10
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Ranex 10.002.88 Bathroom light LED 3000.074
Item No. 10.002.88
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Ranex 10.002.82 Bathroom light LED 3000.069
Item No. 10.002.82
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Ranex 10.002.81 Bathroom light LED 3000.068
Item No. 10.002.81
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Ranex 10.002.62 Bathroom light 3000.058
Item No. 10.002.62
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Ranex 10.002.61 3000.057 WALL LIGHT 3000.057
Item No. 10.002.61
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Ranex 10.056.65 Bathroom Light 3000.053
Item No. 10.056.65
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Smartwares IWL-60015 LED Bathroom Light
Item No. IWL-60015
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    Bathroom lighting

    A number of things are important when choosing bathroom lighting: it must be functional, be resistant to moisture and probably also have a modern design. Smartwares bathroom lighting ticks all these boxes. Many different lights can be used in the bathroom. You can use spotlights or a ceiling light, or create extra light for the bathroom mirror with a mirror light.

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