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Fire safety in your home prevents unpleasant situations. Do you want to protect your home as optimally as possible against a possible fire outbreak? On this information page you will find everything you need to know regarding fire safety. In addition, we give you important user tips about the installation, cleaning and maintenance of your smoke and CO alarms and the different types of fire extinguishers.

Smartwares has been an expert in the field of fire safety for many years and ensures that you have everything you need to protect your property against fire and carbon monoxide. We offer a wide range of gas, smoke and heat detectors that ensure that a fire can always be detected quickly. Furthermore, fire extinguishers and escape route items belong to our fire safety assortment.

Fire safety assortment

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Smoke alarms with a certified Q-label

Did you know that you have to replace your smoke alarm after 10 years? Choose smoke alarms with the Q quality mark and be assured of a properly functioning smoke alarm for the entire life of the device. The Q quality mark can be recognized by the orange Q logo. Q-label Smoke detectors

The Q-label is a German certification for high-grade smoke alarms that guarantees a lifetime of 10 years, less false alarms, and a high resistance to wear and tear. Smoke alarms with a Q-quality label have been subjected to more thorough testing, which is how the high standards of smoke alarms with a Q-quality label are ensured. All smoke alarms have a lifetime of 10 years. However, smoke alarms with the Q-quality label are also equipped with a built-in 10-year battery. You will therefore never have to replace the batteries or worry about the possibility of a smoke alarm not functioning without you knowing about it. View all smoke alarms with a 10-year battery.


Popular smoke alarms

Fire extinguishers

Extinguishers: types & differences

Extinguish an unexpected fire quickly and prevent the fire from spreading with a Smartwares fire extinguisher. Smartwares offers a wide range of fire extinguishers for all types of fires. The quality of our fire extinguishers is guaranteed by the BSI certificate and lasts up to 10 years. React rapidly and prevent the spread of fire with a Smartwares fire extinguisher.

Which extinguisher do I need?

Don't you know which fire extinguishers you need? Read our special blog to find out which fire extinguisher you need!

Popular extinguishers

Carbon monoxide alarms

The silent killer in your home

Carbon monoxide cannot be seen, felt, tasted or smelled and is also referred to as the silent killer. Smartwares carbon monoxide detectors will alert you when a high concentration of the gas is detected. Smartwares Carbon Monoxide Alarms come with a five year battery and battery indication so you know exactly when to replace the detector.

What do I need to know about carbon monoxide alarms?

Read our special blog to find out which CO alarms you need and how to properly install them.
Carbon monoxide alarms


Popular carbon monoxide alarms

Fire safety sets

A complete fire safety set

Do you want to make your entire house fireproof in one go? With one of the Smartwares fire safety sets you are ready in one go. These prevention sets contain various fire safety products so that you can optimally protect your belongings. Several sets are available. For example, there are sets especially for the kitchen or for larger rooms in the home or office. So first think carefully about what you need to make your home fireproof. There is always a Smartwares fire safety set that suits you!

Popular fire safety sets

Get connected: Smart fire safety

Connect your smoke alarms with your smartphone

Install the Connected at Home app, connect your smoke and CO alarms with the Link and directly receive notifications on your smartphone when your smart fire safety products give a warning. Even when you are not at home!

You find our complete assortment of smart fire safety on the special smart safety assortment page.
Smart fire safety

Popular smart safety

How smart fire safety works

1. Download App

Download and install the free Connected at Home app, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Add new devices via the home screen and select the product you want to add.

2. Connect Devices

Now activate the paire mode of the product and connect it to the app.

3. Ready to go!

Once paired you will see the product appear in the app and are able to control it from everywhere in the world.

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