Whether you choose an outdoor radio, a rockblaster, a portable radio or a beatblaster, Smartwares has a wide choice of options for every type of radio, including AM, FM, Bluetooth, PLL tuning, USB connections, AUX-in, MP3 and headphone connections. If all of that does not mean a lot to you, just know that the sound is clear, the radio does not crackle and the volume can be turned up high. Choose the style that best suits you to complete the picture.
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Smartwares CL-1459 Clock radio
Item No. CL-1459
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Smartwares CL-1474 Retro clock radio
Item No. CL-1474
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Audiosonic CL-1489 Clock radio
Item No. CL-1489
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Smartwares CL-1658 Clock radio
Item No. CL-1658
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Audiosonic CL-1481MM Clock radio
Item No. CL-1481MM
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Smartwares CD-1665 Stereo radio
Item No. CD-1665
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Smartwares CL-1515 Clock radio
Item No. CL-1515
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Audiosonic RD-1541 Retro radio
Item No. RD-1541
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Audiosonic RD-1565 Stereo radio
Item No. RD-1565
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    If you are looking for a new radio, you have come to the right place at Smartwares. Not only radios with a modern twist, but also retro radios are suitable to connect to your smartphone. This way you can play all your favorite music whenever you want. This is not only possible inside, but also outside with the outdoor radio by Audiosonic. Audiosonic has stereos in different models and colors, so there is something nice for everyone’s preference. Your old CD’s can also be used again, because they can be played on the portable stereo radio.

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