With the Smartwares audio intercom kits, you can talk to visitors before you open the door.
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Smartwares 10.007.33 Audio intercom system
Item No. 10.007.33
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Smartwares DIC-21112 Audio intercom system 1 apartment
Item No. DIC-21112
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Smartwares DIC-21122 Audio intercom system 2 apartments
Item No. DIC-21122
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Smartwares DIC-21132 Audio intercom system 3 apartments
Item No. DIC-21132
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Smartwares DIC-21142 Audio intercom system 4 apartments
Item No. DIC-21142
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Smartwares 10.007.30 Audio intercom system
Item No. 10.007.30
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Smartwares 10.007.46 Audio intercom system for 1 app
Item No. 10.007.46
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Smartwares 10.007.47 Audio intercom system for 2 app
Item No. 10.007.47
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Smartwares 10.007.48 Audio intercom system for 3 app
Item No. 10.007.48
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Smartwares 10.007.50 Audio intercom system
Item No. 10.007.50
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Smartwares 20.006.65 IB11 SW DOOR INTERCOM
Item No. 20.006.65
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Smartwares DIC-21122UK Audio intercom system for 2 app
Item No. DIC-21122UK
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    Type of cable installation

    Illuminated push button

    Name plate

    Door lock release button

    Audio intercom kits

    With the Smartwares audio intercom kits, you can talk to visitors before you open the door. The intercom system is easy to install and replaces your existing doorbell. Choose between a wireless and a wired audio intercom system or choose an audio intercom that can be used for a number of apartments at the same time. The single-apartment intercom systems are available with one or two interior control panels. We also have audio intercom kits for use with up to four apartments. These intercom kits allow you to connect more than one apartment to the same intercom system.

    All Smartwares audio intercom systems can be extended with an electronic door opener, so that you can always open the door remotely. That is a very useful feature! The audio intercom systems have a two-way communication system. Furthermore, the outdoor control panel has a metal front panel and illuminated doorbell buttons with a nameplate, and they can be used with every type of door.

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