Nowadays, speakers are available in many different colours and designs. Are you looking for wireless speakers? Or do you prefer them to be wired? You can connect them via Bluetooth, so you can easily listen to music on your smartphone or tablet. Radios do not only produce sound. Most models have coloured LED lights to provide a real party or disco effect. This brings your music to life.
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Smartwares SK-1541 Bluetooth car kit
Item No. SK-1541
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Please find below our products which we do not sell anymore. You can still find them on our website to buy spare parts, find manuals or consult product information.
Audiosonic SK-1501 Beat
Item No. SK-1501
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Audiosonic SK-1504 Speaker
Item No. SK-1504
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Audiosonic SK-1505 Speaker
Item No. SK-1505
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Audiosonic SK-1511 Beat
Item No. SK-1511
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Audiosonic SK-1513 Beat
Item No. SK-1513
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Audiosonic SK-1524 Speaker
Item No. SK-1524
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Audiosonic SK-1525 Speaker
Item No. SK-1525
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Audiosonic SK-1528 Speaker
Item No. SK-1528
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    Listening to music via a speaker delivers much better quality than via your smartphone. That's why Smartwares has a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music with your friends and family. The different speakers are all wireless and can play non-stop music for up to 12 hours. The portable Bluetooth speakers have a handy cord that allows them to be taken safely.
    The larger speakers have excellent sound quality and can find a place in any home thanks to the modern styling. All speakers have a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. Connect your speaker to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and start streaming.

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