• Automate your home
  • Set timers and schedules
  • Expand with BASIC receivers
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa

Smart Plug

Hi, I am Smart Plug.

I’m the heart of Basic Series. The Wi-Fi controller has an in-built socket that allows you to control the device that is plugged with the free iOS and Android app. No difficult installations or expensive kits, all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. Add more BASIC receivers to the app and control them with your smartphone as well. Smartwares wants to give you the opportunity to create your own smart home the easy way.

How it works

1. Download App

Download our HomeWizard Lite app from the Google Play or iPlay store on your smart device. Start the app and follow the instructions.

2. Connect Devices

Once your app has been installed and your app has been configured you can connect your devices very simply. Follow the steps to connect your device(s) via the app.

3. Ready to go!

When you have connected your devices you can control your devices with the app. Check out which features the apps have for your devices. You might want to talk to your devices with Google Home or Alexa. How cool is that?

Use together with...

Smartwares SH5-TSW-B Smarthome transmitter indoor Smart home transmitter indoor

Wireless double wall switch

Smartwares SH4-90251 Dimmable Smart Bulb Smart home receiver indoor

Dimmable Smart Bulb

Smartwares SH5-TSM-A Smarthome transmitter indoor Smart home transmitter indoor

Wireless magnetic contact

Smartwares SH5-TBD-02A Smarthome receiver indoor Smart home receiver indoor

Built-in switch and dimmer

Smartwares SH5-RPS-36A Smarthome receiver indoor Smart home receiver indoor

Wireless power switch

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