Smartwares SH4-99650FR Outdoor switch set (FR plug)

Item No. SH4-99650FR
The Smartwares SH4-99650FR Outdoor Switch Set makes it possible to operate your garden lights and devices with the included remote control. The set comes with two outdoor socket switches and a remote control that can switch on and off an individual device or all devices at once. It is possible to

The Smartwares SH4-99650FR Outdoor Switch Set makes it possible to operate your garden lights and devices with the included remote control. The set comes with two outdoor socket switches and a remote control that can switch on and off an individual device or all devices at once. It is possible to connect the set to the Smartwares Smart Switch to control your switches with an app or voice controlled with Amazon Alexa.

Be in control
The Smartwares Outdoor Switch Set makes it possible to control your garden lights or you water fountain. Just use the remote control and switch the connected lights or devices on and off from inside or from your lounge set. The set contains two outdoor socket switches so you can control up to two devices with the included remote control. The outdoors socket switches have an IP44 protection rating and a maximum capacity of 1000 Watt each.

Plug & Play
The outdoor switch set is very easy to install. Place the outdoor socket switches in a socket and plug your devices into the outdoor socket switch. Press the connecting button on the switch and select one of the four buttons on the remote control that will from then on control the socket switch. The remote control is also equipped with a master button that allows you to turn all socket switches on and off at once.

Make your home smart
Smartwares wants to give you the opportunity to create your own smart home the easy way. The outdoor switch set can be use stand-alone or be paired with the Smarthome Smart Switch, which is the key to your own smart home. The Smart Switch allows you to operate all Smarthome Basic products with a free app, even when you are not at home. Providing you with a secure, comfortable, convenient and an energy efficient house is what a smart home is all about. No difficult installations or expensive kits, just an easy plug and play controller and an intuitive app is all you need to create your own smart home. Besides, the Smart Switch is Amazon Alexa compatible. So you can even control your smart home by voice control.

Extend, combine and control
Create as much convenience and comfort as you like by expanding your smart home with more clever products from the extensive Smartwares Smarthome Basic range. For example add the radiator valve to heat your house while driving home from work or control your lights from the couch with the indoor socket switches. You can make your home as smart as you want.

What’s in the box
2x outdoor socket switch, remote control, remote control battery, instruction manual


  • The set allows you to control your outdoor lighting and devices with a single remote control
  • Plug the socket switch into a socket, connect it to the remote control and enjoy being in control
  • Control your outdoor devices from your lounge set or from inside your home
  • Each socket switch has a 1000 Watt capacity and an IP44 protection rating
  • Extend your smart home with the Smart Switch to operate all Basic range products with the free app
IP rating IP44
Compatible Smarthome Basic
Power 1000
Remote control Yes
Power supply Mains voltage
Luminous flux nominal useful 0
Luminous flux rated useful 0
Power plug type E
Warranty Yes
Replaceable battery Yes
Range open space 30
Dimmable No
Where to use Home
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz
Main material Plastic
Maximum range indoor 30
Colour temperature K rated NA
Colour Black
2-way communication No
Number of remote controls included 1
Mounting method Other
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
EAN Item/Giftbox 8711658440736
Brand Code SL-8
Brand Name Smartwares
Product FAQ
Yes, all devices which are able to connect to the internet, can do so via powerlan as well.
Powerlan uses the electricity grid to transfer network data. Every socket using an adapter connects with the electricity grid. If you connect your router with an adapter, you can use the internet as well.
Yes, if you buy more of the same adapters, and connect them to your network. You're advised to use adapters of the same brand and type for the best connectivity.
This can have the following causes:
1) It could be that your electric wiring is damaged or of a bad quality.
2) Electrical devices on the same circuit can interfere the signal on that circuit. Like a microwave, air conditioning, hairdryer etc.
3) If there are (a lot of) fuses between two adapters, the signal can be weakened.
4) If you use different types of adapters, the signal's quality can be affected. If each of the adapters are connected to a different fase of the electricity grip, the signal can be interfered. Connect the adapters on the same fase of the electricity grid.
Cable internet still is the fastest data connection between computers. However, cable internet uses separate cables to connect computers while powerlan uses existing electricity cables tot connect computers, thus saving the cost and effort of setting up cable connections.
If the adapters are connected to different fases, interference can occur. Ensure that the adapters are connected to the same fase. In case you use several different fases, ensure that the router is connect to each fase separately by using multiple adapters.
Powerlan is a solution if you want to have access to the internet in places in the house which are difficult to reach, like an attic. You don't need to set up cables, all you need is a socket connected to the electricity grid.
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Manuals & downloads
Declaration Of Conformity DoC_SH4_99650FR_20180601.pdf
Safety Instruction General_Safety_Version2.pdf
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