To what should you pay attention and what are the consequences?

In the last few years, the number of home burglaries in the Netherlands has decreased significantly. However, each burglary is one too many. Every 12 minutes, an unwanted person still breaks into a house. That is an average of 118 burglaries per day. So there's a good chance of a burglary in your neighbourhood. Burglaries take place everywhere in the Netherlands, but the place where you live is very important for burglars. Research by RTL News has shown that some places of residence have a higher risk of burglary than others. Read our blog and find out why, what you need to pay attention to when securing your home and what the consequences of burglaries are.

Home burglary, not everyone is aware of the magnitude of this problem and its consequences. A burglar can enter your house within 30 seconds and after 5 minutes he can be outside again. On average, 2,650 euros worth of things are taken in those five minutes. Not only the material damage is considerable, also the emotional damage can be very high. So always make sure that your home is well protected.

Where is the risk of burglaries higher?

As mentioned before, burglaries occur everywhere in the Netherlands. However, some places have a higher risk of burglary than others.

A place close to a highway, has a higher risk of burglary than a large city, according to RTL News. DThis is primarily due to accessibility. Simply put, it is much harder for burglars to enter a neighbourhood in a big city than a village located next to the highway. The quicker the burglar gets in and out of the neighbourhood, the easier. You can see this connection clearly on the map. All places in the Netherlands where the burglary risk is more than 50 percent above average are shown. The blue lines are the national roads.

Are you curious about the exit roads for burglaries in your town?

  1. Breaking down a door with a crowbar or screwdriver
  2. Opening the door via a window
  3. Opening the door with a card
  4. Lockpicking

This is how burglars get in

If you think that a good lock on the front door is sufficient protection, you are wrong. Most burglars get in through the back door (36%). Next are the windows on the ground floor (23%) and only then comes the front door (21%).Other windows, sliding doors and double doors are also places where burglars can get in. 

Burglars are very creative in getting into your house. The most common way is to break open a door or window with a crowbar or large screwdriver. However, this is easy to prevent by purchasing good locks and hinges. Opening the lock with a piece of hard plastic is another common method of burglary. But also breaking a window to open the door is common. From sneaking in to lock picking. Make sure your house is properly secured, because a burglar can enter your house in no time!

The consequences of burglary

The average material damage of a burglary is 2,650 euros. This while the insurance only compensates an average of 1,200 euros. Although this is extremely unfortunate, the emotional damage is often even greater. Research by the National Burglary Prevention Weeks showed that 40% of burglary victims would have protected their homes better if they had known beforehand how great the impact of a burglary would be. After a burglary, people often feel unsafe in their own home, have trouble sleeping and feel angry. Sometimes people experience concentration problems and irritability. So the consequences should certainly not be underestimated. Prevent a lot of damage by correctly installing security in your home.

How alert are you?

Housebreaking and burglary can be prevented. You can even reduce the chance of a burglary by 90% by taking the right preventive measures! Yet half of the Dutch population pays too little attention to these measures. The 50% of Dutch people who have taken measures and are alert are also called the "Vigilant" people. The group of people who have not taken any preventive measures can be divided into three types:

  • The “Negligent one”: they want to take measures but do not manage to do so 
  • The “Indifferent one”: they think they will not be burgled in the first place 
  • The “Sloppy one”: they often forget to lock their windows and doors

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Preventing burglary

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