How to prevent burglary?

Make sure you are safe in the place where you should feel safest.

Every year, thousands of house burglaries take place. Last year there were 42,965 burglaries, reports the CBS. Although the number of burglaries has been decreasing in recent years, it is still important that you protect your home well. Burglars can enter a poorly secured home within 30 seconds. A burglary in your home is a tough experience. By taking the right preventive measures, you can reduce the chance of a burglary by 90%. Smartwares has a wide range of burglary prevention products that protect you against unwanted visitors. So you are safe in the place where you should feel safest.

Preventing burglary

Despite the fact that the number of house burglaries is decreasing, there is still a burglary every 12 minutes somewhere in the Netherlands. Reason enough to make people aware of the need to take measures against burglary. There are countless ways of securing your home.

It is of course important to close the doors and windows when you leave the house. Even if you are only out for a short while, a burglar only needs a few seconds to get in. If you are away for a longer period of time, it is wise to give your home a lived-in feel. Have friends pick up mail from the doormat or install a timer for the lights, so that it seems as if you are at home. It is also important to have good locks and hinges on your windows and doors. Outdated window frames are also easy to force. So replace them on time.

What makes breaking into your home a lot more difficult is to install an alarm system or hang up a camera. Both security devices will have a deterrent effect on an intruder. In addition, a camera increases the chance of tracing the burglars, should there be a break-in. Installing good outdoor lighting also makes your home unattractive to burglars. They don't want to be seen.

Why burglary protection from Smartwares?

  • Broad assortment
  • Easy and quick to install anywhere anytime
  • Expert due to years of experience
  • Possesses strict approval & certification

Smartwares burglary protection

Guardian | Security camera & light

Smartwares CIP-39901 Guardian | Security camera & light

Item No. CIP-39901

Provide the ultimate security with the Smartwares CIP-39901 Guardian security camera with lighting. The Guardian makes sure you are immediately alerted when something happens near your home. Record automatically in 1080 full HD and get notifications on your smartphone when motion is detected so you can watch in real time. The Guardian has a modern design and comes not only with a razor-sharp camera, but also with a bright security light.

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Smartwares SH8-99401 Alarm security set

Smartwares SH8-99401 Alarm security set

Item No. SH8-99401

It has happened to everyone. You've just left the house and wonder if you locked the door. Do you go back and check or do you take the risk? With the smart security products of Smartwares Pro you are always aware. You will receive an immediate notification when a door or window is open or has been opened. It is even possible to connect a smart lamp so that a light or sound signal goes off in the house. This way, you always leave your house with a good feeling.

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Smartwares FSL-80114 LED robotic security light

Smartwares FSL-80114 LED robot light

Item No. FSL-80114

Secure your home with the unique Smartwares FSL-80114 Robot Security Light. The floodlight hasa motion sensor and turns when someone walks by. Burglars will therefore never enter your garden unnoticed ever again. 

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Smartwares 10.043.82 Smart plug set

Smartwares SH5-SET-GW Smart Plug Set

Item No. 10.043.82

The Smartwares SH5-SET-GW Smart Plug Set puts you in control of your home, even when you are not at home. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. Discover the endless possibilities of the Smart Plug and the complete Smart Home Plug & Connect series. The set consists of a Smart Plug and two extra switches that you can simply plug into your power outlet.

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Installation of burglary protection

Our security systems have been installed in homes, offices, canteens and shops for many years. The installation is usually carried out by the buyer of the product, with or without the help of a "handy neighbour". We are aware that not everyone is up to the task or has the time for it. For this reason, we offer an installation service;for a number of our camera surveillance & alarm systems.

Safe, secure and comfortable

For years, Smartwares has been an expert in safety, security and lighting. Our aim is to create products that make life in and around your home more pleasant, safer and more comfortable. With a wide range of lighting, prevention and security products, Smartwares offers many accessible products that are affordable and user-friendly for everyone.
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