Smoke alarms with the Q-mark of quality

As of July 2022, it will be compulsory in the Netherlands to install a smoke alarm on every floor in your home. A good time to check whether you already comply with the smoke alarm requirement. Recent research has shown that smoke alarms are not installed properly in 75% of the cases. Also, many homes still have few or no smoke alarms. When looking for smoke alarms, we recommend that you choose smoke alarms with the Q-label.

What is the Q-label?

The Q-label is a German quality certificate. The Q-label is a quality mark for high-quality smoke alarms and guarantees a 10-year service life, fewer false alarms and a high level of resistance to external influences. Smoke alarms with the Q-label have undergone additional testing which ensures the quality of smoke detectors with this Q-label. All smoke detectors have a lifetime of 10 years. However, smoke alarms with the Q-label have a standard built-in battery with a life of 10 years. With these smoke alarms, you never have to change the battery again and you avoid a smoke alarm that stops working without you realising it.

The label can be recognised by the orange Q-label:

Q-label rookmelders


Smartwares is the specialist in smoke alarms with the Q-label. We have a wide range of smoke alarms with the Q-label. You can easily recognise these Q-label smoke alarms in the shop by the orange Q-label on the packaging. The smoke alarms with the Q-label from Smartwares include these:

  • RM218
  • RM217
  • RM520
  • FSM-124
  • RM620

Keep testing smoke alarms & maintenance

Smoke alarms with the Q-label guarantee high quality. This does not mean the smoke alarms do not require maintenance. Make sure your smoke alarms are tested every month and cleaned every six months. For the best way to do this, see our blog about cleaning and maintaining your smoke alarms.

Useful tip: Write the expiry date on the side of the smoke detector so you don't forget. You will then know the expiry date and be able to replace the smoke alarm in time.

Looking for a suitable smoke alarm?

A smoke alarm ensures that you are warned in time of a possible fire. All Smartwares smoke alarms have an optical sensor that can recognise fire and smoke. The loud 85 dB alarm will then ensure that the fire does not escape anyone. This way, you prevent life-threatening situations. Smartwares smoke alarms have a long lifespan. There are smoke alarmss with a 10-year battery and replaceable batteries. There are also smoke alarm sets, so you can equip your house with the number of smoke alarms you need at once. Looking for smoke alarms that can connect to your smartphone? Then we have smart smoke alarms for you.

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