Looking for extensive and easy-to-use appliances that make your house smarter and more comfortable? With the PRO series appliances you can connect all appliances with an app. Find the smarthome PRO series appliances that suit your needs!
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Smartwares SH8-99990UK PRO series starter set
Item No. SH8-99990UK
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Smartwares SH8-99901UK Energy control set - UK plug
Item No. SH8-99901UK
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Smartwares SH8-99901FR Energy control set - FR plug
Item No. SH8-99901FR
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Smartwares SH8-99901CC Energy control set
Item No. SH8-99901CC
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Smartwares SH8-99901 Energy control set
Item No. SH8-99901
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Smartwares SH8-99608CC Smart bulb set - variable colour
Item No. SH8-99608CC
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Smartwares SH8-99604 Wall switch convertor set
Item No. SH8-99604
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    Smart home PRO

    Experience the ease and safety of a smart home. Control several home appliances simultaneously via the app at the press of a button. To make life even easier, you can control the PRO series appliances via your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Dim the lighting, program timer switches, receive a smoke or flood warning, check your energy usage and make your home safer indoors and outdoors with security cameras. Choose a set with the smart Link and extend it with extra parts. Make things easier for yourself with a smart home.

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