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Promotion write a review and have a chance to win a CIP-39901 Security Camera & light

These promotion conditions apply to the promotion "Write a review and win a CIP-39901 Security camera & light " This promotion is organized by Smartwares Europe in Tilburg ("Smartwares").

Summary of the promotion

Write a review about your Smartwares product(s) and have the chance to win a CIP-39901 Security Camera & light.

Write a review on,,, and/or on the website of the store/webshop where you bought your Smartwares product and have the chance to win a Smartwares CIP-39901 Security camera & light.



1.1 All persons participating in the promotion are bound by the terms of these promotion conditions. By entering the promotion you declare that you agree to these promotion terms and conditions.
1.2 Participation in the promotion is open only to persons of legal age (18 years or older).
1.3 Each winner of the promotion is obliged, upon Smartwares' request, to provide proof of his/her age before the prize is paid out or delivered. For that purpose, Smartwares may require the winner to show Smartwares his or her legal identification. If the winner fails to do so or does not appear to be of age, Smartwares may choose not to pay out or deliver the prize to this winner.
1.4 If you meet the entry requirements, you may compete for the prize with one entry per website per Smartwares product. It is not permitted for an individual to submit multiple entry forms on the same website for the same Smartwares product.

Promotion period, closing date for registration and location of participation form

2.1 The promotion runs from October 12, 2020 through November 1, 2021.
2.2 Registration for participation must be received by Smartwares no later than November 1, 2021.
2.3 The participant can register using the form at:

Required data upon registration

3.1 Participation in the promotion is open if you are of legal age and write a truthful and substantive review about your Smartwares product on the website of,,, and/or on the website of the store/webshop where you bought your Smartwares product during the promotional period (see 2.1).
3.2 In the registration form, the participant must at least fill in:
First and last name
Date of birth
Street name and number
Zip code
Email adress
The declaration that you are of legal age
3.3 We process the above personal data because it is necessary to carry out the promotion properly.
3.4 When registering, Smartwares may also ask for additional information, such as where you purchased our product and whether this promotion played a part in this purchase. We also ask whether you would like to be kept informed of future promotions or news about our products. We would like it if you would fill in this information, but it is not necessary to be able to participate in the promotion.

How do I know if the registration was successful?

4.1 If Smartwares has received the registration in good order and within the term, this will be confirmed immediately on the registration page.
4.2 If you do not succeed in registering via the online form, you can contact Smartwares via phone number +31 (0)88 5940400 for the Netherlands and Belgium.

What happens after my registration?

5.1 After registration, Smartwares will check your review and you will receive a confirmation or a rejection.
5.2 Smartwares will randomly draw one winner each quarter from all timely received complete entries. One Smartwares CIP-39901 Security Camera & light or a product/products comparable in value will be randomly drawn each trimester. One draw will take place each quarter. The draw will be conducted through an online draw program.
5.3 Smartwares will contact the prize winner(s) using the contact details provided to Smartwares at the time of registration. Smartwares opts to contact you by e-mail as much as possible. If you have given your telephone number to Smartwares in the registration form, Smartwares may call you, but Smartwares is not obliged to do so.

What happens if I win a prize?

6.1 The Smartwares CIP-39901 Security Camera & light will be sent by parcel post to the address provided to Smartwares within four weeks of its announcement.
6.2 Smartwares is entitled to change the product to another product when the CIP-39901 Security Camera & light is out of stock.
6.3 The prize is not exchangeable for money. The prize is intended for the winner(s) and cannot be transferred to another person without the prior written consent of Smartwares.
6.4 Smartwares wants to give the prize winner(s) the time they need to receive the prize at their convenience, but for practical reasons has to set a limit to this. If you have not taken delivery of the prize within two weeks of the product being sent, your entitlement to the prize will lapse. Smartwares will in that case not be obliged to pay any compensation or to provide a replacement service.
6.5 It is important to ensure that you can be reached using the contact details provided in the registration form. Smartwares is under no obligation to contact the prizewinner(s) by any means other than the contact details entered in the registration form.
6.6 Smartwares is not obligated to approach a prize winner more than once with notification that he or she has won a prize. If it is necessary to make an appointment with Smartwares for the delivery of the prize, and Smartwares has approached you for this purpose without it being possible to immediately schedule an appointment, then it is up to you to contact Smartwares within two weeks in order to still make an appointment. If you do not do so, your right to the prize will lapse.
6.7 Prizewinners are bound to the (house) rules and conditions set by Smartwares when redeeming/utilising a prize they have won. These terms and conditions can be found at

7.1 Smartwares will process the personal data which you enter in the registration form in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We process the personal data (contact details) which are necessary for the proper performance of the promotion on the basis of that necessity, because you have indicated that you wish to participate in the promotion.
7.2 If you have won a prize and it is necessary for the delivery or performance of the prize to provide your contact details to a third party, then this provision of your contact details will also be based on the need to perform the promotion because you have indicated that you wish to participate in the promotion.
7.3 If you also provide Smartwares with details that are not necessary for the performance of the promotion (if you fill in additional information in the registration form, or if you opt to receive information about future promotions and/or our products), the resulting processing of those details is based on your consent. We process this information in order to be able to improve our products and promotions or to inform you about our products and company.
7.4 If you wish, you can also withdraw your consent to the processing referred to in Article 7.3. The email confirming the receipt of your registration form contains a hyperlink that allows you to do so. The withdrawal of your consent for data processing that is not necessary for the implementation of the promotion will not adversely affect your participation in the promotion.
7.5 Revoking your consent does not have retroactive effect: the processing that Smartwares already did before the revocation of your consent remains lawful.
7.6 You have the right to request at any time which personal data of yours Smartwares is processing, and/or to have it corrected, blocked or deleted. You can exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to: or by calling + 31 (0)13 0900 5423. If you wish to exercise these rights, we may ask you to identify yourself, in order to be sure that your request relates (only) to your own personal data.
7.7 This promotion is also subject to our general privacy policy. You can find it at: Our privacy policy may change from time to time. We encourage you to review the current policy regularly.

Other conditions
8.1 Smartwares has the right to exclude a participant from the promotion, if the participant in question violates these promotion conditions in any way or acts unlawfully in any other way towards Smartwares or others.
8.2 Smartwares is not liable for any damage which may arise in any way (directly or indirectly) from or in connection with the promotion, unless the damage was caused by intent or deliberate recklessness on Smartwares's part.
8.3 The participant cannot claim financial compensation if the participant is unable to claim, receive, or utilize a prize he or she has won (in a timely manner).
8.4 In addition to these promotion conditions are, to the extent that they are suitable for application to the promotion, the following applicable to the promotion: the general terms and conditions of Smartwares. These can be consulted at: A copy of these general terms and conditions can also be requested at Smartwares Europe via phone number +31 (0) 88 5940400.
8.5 By participating in the promotion, participants are deemed to be aware of and have agreed to the promotion terms and conditions.
8.6 Any disputes relating to this promotion may be submitted exclusively to the competent judge in the Netherlands. The promotion and all legal actions that may be related to it are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

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